Ginjal (2014-2016)

Nuno Andrade

“Floresta do Ginjal” was the most famous restaurant of the Ginjal pier in Cacilhas. Since its opening in the 30s it became a meeting place bridging both sides of the Tagus river, sought out for lunches, parties and weddings. Six decades elapsed until its doors closed permanently. It was the end of a cycle. The venue would later reopen as a dance hall. 

It became a magical, mysterious place, haunted by fascinating types: lovers, dreamers, loners, eternal Casanovas. In common they share a certain time only found in Ginjal. These are real lives with uncomplicated desires and common ambitions. This work is part of a ongoing series which I have been developing since 2014. It attempts to document a time that is not mine, but to which I have been given access.  

— Nuno M. Andrade

Nuno Miguel Andrade (b. 1974, Lisbon) lives in Almada and works in Lisbon. In recent years he has done documentary work which explores the places and the people of his hometown, with the Tagus as a point of reference. His work has been exhibited in Lisbon, New Dehli, and Goa. In 2016, "Ginjal" was selected for the collective exhibition "Sentimental Ballads" which took place during the Encontros da Imagem festival in Braga, Portugal. Nuno Andrade is also a finalist of the Vila Franca de Xira Photography Biennale Award, 2016.

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